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Smart Traffic Solutions

With an end-to-end IoT solution for traffic and parking management, you can use smart sensors to collect real-time data that can then be relayed to drivers or local authorities. This benefits drivers, passengers, and everyone who is living, working, and commuting within the city.

  • Reduce congestion by monitoring traffic lights.
  • Identify structural issues with roadways.
  • Efficient transportation infrastructure.
  • Keeping traffic moving more efficiently.
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LED Display Solutions

LED video walls are a sheer display of innovation, beauty and creativity. Get ready to be immersed in the beauty of this wide range of stunning video wall displays. Create visually stunning video walls that are easily installed, maintained and managed.

  • Powerful IPS panel displays vivid images.
  • Ultra-narrow bezel enables seamless display.
  • Available in different technologies.
  • Perfect fit for any business environment.
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Smart Street Light Solutions

Most economical lamp-level street lighting remote management solution available on the market as it is easy to implement, needs no additional investments to prepare the deployment and starts saving money right after the first unit is installed.

  • Superior & smart lighting with powerful performance.
  • Energy costs are reduced by up to 35%.
  • Perfect for all kind os weather conditions.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
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Wireless Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance System may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event. Camera’s are used in public areas for crime prevention. Get fully-featured, professional-grade Surveillance Systems that are easy to install and simple to use.

  • Ability to remotely manage Security systems.
  • Watch live stream of your premises.
  • Remotely pan & tilt the cameras on your phone.
  • Coordinated zoom and movement of several cameras.
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